Afro Piece

Collection Size
2,023 NFTs
Mint Price
0 - 0.025 ETH


Gathering project details, get ready!! 🎉


Uplift the history of Africa, invest in its future. The Afro Piece collection illustrates stories from 10 countries about war and slavery, and about the African spirit rising above adversity to create a thriving culture. Buying these NFTs reminds people from across the world about the riches countries have made on the backs of Africans, and pulled from the continent's soil. Gain exposure to the comeback narrative by investing in cultural goods linked with a rising crypto market. 10% percent of revenue from Afro Piece is donated to NGOs training the next generation of African social innovation. .

Collection Specs

2023 total pieces, a number grounded in the current moment. 85% are Standard rarity, derived from 20 designs. 15% are Rare, derived from a special set of 12 designs. Minting costs .025 ETH, getting you a random NFT from the collection.


AfroPiece offers the opportunity to earn a free NFT. When you register for the whitelist you receive a unique referral link. Any friends who sign up through your link earn you 1 point. If you reach 3 points, you can mint an NFT for free. We will offer 200 free NFTs this way!

Whitelist Advantage

Wallets who register for the whitelist can mint 24 hours before the public. You get a 20% discount (.02 ETH) if you also hold a CFRAC NFT or 1000 $PEOPLE.

NFT Utility

  • Advance access to whitelists when PeopleDAO Africa launches future collections
  • Exclusive participation in marketing contests
  • Exclusive Discord channel where Mods provide feedback about African crypto participants

Speculate for Social Good

One month after launch, Afro Piece will donate 10% of revenue (split evenly) to four organisations serving youth, shaping the social and technological future of Africa:

Afro Piece donates revenue on-chain via Giveth.

This collection utilises a Commercial-No-Hate license, permitting the holder to use their NFT for commercial purposes, excluding hate speech. For more details about the Can't Be Evil licensing designed by a16z, click here.