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Fully registered wallets will be able to mint 24 Hours prior to public mint.

As a PeopleDAO production, members of the community will be able to mint at a discounted rate. If the registered wallet meets any one of these criteria, you will qualify:


Journey Owaa combines community artmaking and cutting edge artificial intelligence to create an NFT collection whose full proceeds go towards addressing human trafficking in Benin City, Nigeria. Can a global community leverage the blockchain to make a difference on a very local level?

Read our initial investigation into human trafficking happening in Benin, City: The Lost Children of Benin City

"Impact NFTs" constitute a revolution in fundraising because blockchain technology is uncensorable and enables contributors from across the world to instantaneously participate.

Our NFT collection Journey Owaa will benefit survivors of human trafficking in Benin City through two means, funding a documentary to raise awareness, and providing direct aid via a partnering organization.

The art concept is grounded in Nigerian culture and spiritual symbols, while at the same accommodating community input and ideas to remain free-flowing and organic. NFTs holders will receive social recognition and access to special documentary programming.

Why are there 1960 NFTs in the collection? That's the year Nigeria gained independence.


The majority of the revenue from Journey Owaa will fund the production of a documentary about human trafficking affecting Nigeria, titled The Lost Children of Benin City. See this Twitter thread for initial reporting done by project lead and Nigerian journalist Existential Zoomer. The film will raise awareness and highlight action steps local Nigerians and web3 can do to prevent human trafficking and respond to its fallout.

Direct Aid

The remainder of the funds will be given to a local nonprofit to provide direct aid to victims. We are finalizing the partnership but will release details soon.


Buying an NFT from the collection will give you the option to display your Discord or Twitter name in a list at the end of the documentary, alongside the names of other contributors and sponsors. Additionally, buying the NFT will give you special access to an advance showing event complete with a speaker panel. As always, we continue to build new experiences and benefits for holders of PeopleDAO NFTs, just like CFRAC.